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Blackstock Realty Corp.
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Our acquisitions services include, but are not limited to:

Acquisition of Property

  • Search out, review, and evaluate market data to identify the most viable opportunities that meet the client’s financial and strategic objectives.
  • Review and/or prepare investigative proforma / cash flow projections, as required.
  • Initiate and oversee investigative reports (appraisals, building audit, environmental, soils, market analysis, etc.).
  • Assist with the creation and/or negotiation of the Agreement of Purchase and Sale and all related legal documentation for execution by client.
  • Oversee due diligence process, review material for completeness, follow-up to ensure outstanding items are presented and discussed, report on and recommend a course of action.  
  • Maintain communications between buyer and seller to ensure agreed upon critical dates are achieved.
  • Attend at closing to ensure the parties complete the transaction in accordance with the negotiated terms and conditions of the Agreement of Purchase and Sale. 

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